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Celebrating 20 years
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News from the Nest January 2017

Dear sponsors, members & friends

A big thank you to you all for making our work possible! With your continuing support, we are able to raise the enormous funds needed for accommodating our patients in the centre of London, free of charge. Above all we provide much needed moral support.

During January 2017, our guests included:
  • Eleven-year-old Ioannis, who had his foot amputated last year because of osteosarcoma. He returned for a new prosthesis as he is growing fast. He has put on weight and looks   well.
  • Elena has been waiting for two years now for a life-saving liver transplant at the Royal Free Hospital. Her two brothers had a transplant and her mother died of amyloidosis, a genetic disease. It was wonderful that our Charity could cover the tickets so that her two boys, 14 and 18, could visit her.
  • Loizos has a genetic eye condition and is being treated at Moorfields Hospital where they are developing a new treatment for this disease.
  • Andry had an operation for a tumour in her larynx.
  • Mrs Maroulla had operations for osteosarcoma of the leg and is now having a mastectomy.
  • Stella, 14, who has been having plastic surgery since she was five for a congenital face deformity.

Alkionides UK Charity is also providing scholarships for two students this year. Marilena, one of our long-term patients treated for osteosarcoma of the jaw, is studying for her master’s degree in Leeds and Marios is learning to make violins at Lincoln College. He is performing for the Charity in May.
Dates for your diaries:
  • Friday 24th February: Young Alkionides Greek night at Morton’s with the support of Hellenic Nights
  • Sunday 7th May 2017: Lunch at the church of St. Panteleimon showcasing Marios Pavlou, violinist
  • May 2017: Fashion Show at the Estia in Birmingham  with Marios Pavlou, violinist (scholar).
  • Saturday 17thJune: Annual General Meeting, Reading.
  • Sunday 9th July: Garden Party in Reading
  • Saturday 2nd September 2017: Sponsored walk in London.

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Alkionides UK Committee:
  • Marie Parisinou-Nicholsby (President),
  • Tatiana der Avedissian (Vice-President),
  • Angelos Athanassiades (Treasurer),
  • Alan Nicholsby (Assistant-Treasurer),
  • Linda Kyriacou (Secretary),
  • Galatia Rossides,
  • Stella Dinenis,
  • Anna-Maria White,
  • Clarissa Germanos,
  • Eugenie Papadopoulos,
  • Stavria Aletraris,
  • Elli Oxtoby,
  • Maro Athanasiou,
  • Maroula Ioannidou
and from Birmingham:
  • Liliana Malla,
  • Helen Vasiliou and
  • Fotoulla Lytra.
Our Patrons: His Excellency the High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus and Child Psychologist Mrs Stella Kyriakides.
We sincerely like to express our  gratitude to our great benefactors: The A. G. Leventis Foundation,  Capital Group, The Heart Foundation and every volunteer who works for  Alkionides UK without expecting anything in return.

For more information please call: 01189 472405 / 079 139 68639
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