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News from the nest - September 2014

ALKIONIDES  ‘Nest’ news January-July 2014
Under the Patronage of His Excellency the High Commissioner for the Republic of Cyprus.

Dear Sponsors, Members and Supporters

Since March 2010, Alkionides Charity with the help of our Cyprus Team has rented accommodation in central London to house low-income Cypriot patients undergoing essential treatment, not available in Cyprus. All our work is based on true volunteerism. We raise funds through various cultural events, membership and generous donations from sponsors as seen on our website. In the last four years we were able to house more than 120 families, some of them coming several times. This shelter, our ‘nest’, has been mostly fully occupied over the years bringing enormous relief to those that need it.

We value your continuing support and would like to update you with our news. Since January 2014, we provided free accommodation to the following families, some of which came more than once:

  • Achilleas from Xylofagou, father of five with his lovely wife Eleni had a second liver transplant after the first one failed, at the Royal Free Hospital. While here, their youngest daughter had her first baby in Cyprus. He has now returned home after 20 months at the nest! We wish him well.
    Marilena, a determined 20 year-old student at Cyprus University has ambitions to do a Masters in Education. She had to overcome enormous trauma as a result of osteosarcoma of the jaw.

    Litsa, who suddenly started losing her sight because of a genetic blood disorder is undergoing surgery at Moorfield Hospital and having blood tests at Welling.
  • Single young mother of 4, Lena brought her 4 year-old Jasmine to Great Ormond Street Hospital for treatment of a rare skin cancer.
  • A young couple from Akrotiri came several times already, with 3 year-old Georgia who needs complex back operations due to birth defects
  • Iordanis, father of two young children and one on the way, also waiting for a liver transplant, stayed at the nest while being treated for kidney stones. He is returning in February.
  • Maroulla who received treatment for osteosarcoma on her leg and comes for check-ups.
  • Nicolas with serious osteosarcoma of the spine and pelvis came to the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital for assessment.
  • Chrysostomos sent to Moorfield for serious eye problems.
  • Yiorgos, a three year-old at Great Ormond street undergoing surgery for cysts in his neck.
  • Anna who lost her leg to osteosarcoma
  • Raphael, four years-old, sent by the Government to Great Ormond street hospital with lung problems.
  • George with a serious liver condition.
  • Elena with a heart condition at the Heart Hospital, Marylebone.
  • Alexandra, a 15 year-old quadraplegic who had major operations on both legs.
  • Loizos who had serious eye operations.
  • Danae,disable from birth had major surgery
  • Elias, a young graduate in civil engineering at Portsmouth with a brain tumour, came with his mother. Stephanos,6,  with a serious urinary condition since birth was operated at Great Ormond and came for 2 months.
  • Eleftheria had eye surgery at Moorfield Hospital
  • Little Sophia had eye surgery
  • Eleni had an operation to restore movement of her legs at King Edward VII and needed an interpreter provided by Alkionides UK on several occasions.

A comment from our ‘nest’ guest book: ‘It is of such great importance to someone going through desperate days to have someone near him that understands and supports him. Here at the ‘nest’ I found so many people who do this and the other patients became my family.’


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