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Latest News from the nest - November 2014

ALKIONIDES  ‘Nest’ news January-July 2014

Under the Patronage of His Excellency the High Commissioner for the Republic of Cyprus.

Dear Sponsors, Members and Supporters

With your generous sponsorship and the help of our team of true volunteers, our ‘Nest’ is continuing to provide much needed accommodation and moral support to many of our compatriots. We would like to tell you how much we value your continuing support and to update you with our news.
We are honoured to be included in the Philanthropic Programme of the A.G. Leventis Foundation. We thank Alkionides Cyprus for their hard work and continuing support. Because of a few true volunteers devoted since 1998, our Charity has been able to help thousands of Cypriots going through desperate times. Alkionides Birmingham& Midlands are fundraising and providing support for 7 patients waiting for liver transplants. They all suffer from a genetic condition called amyloidosis. Since March 2010, we provided accommodation to at least 120 families, some of whom came more than once. We are delighted to see them go back home and have made a lot of friends.

Just in the month of November 2014 our visitors included:
  • Iordanis , father of two young children and a baby, finally had the long-awaited liver transplant and we all wish him a quick recovery. He is now our long-term guest at the ‘nest’.
  • Mr George with a liver cancer was treated at the Royal Free Hospital. A wheelchair was provided by our sponsors Mr&Mrs N. Hambi of the Windermere Hotel.
  • Stephanos, 6, with a serious urinary condition since birth was operated at Portland Hospital. After complications he needed further surgery and the family had to extend their stay from one to 4 months. As a result we had to accommodate other families in nearby hotels for a week.
  • Lefteris who had eye surgery at Moorfield  Hospital
  • Anna, who is being treated for cancer at Weymouth  Hospital.
  • Antonis, who has been operated for lung cancer

And 7 Patients in Birmingham & Midlands.
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