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Celebrating 20 years
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In 2018 Alkionides Charity celebrated 20 years since its registration in Cyprus in 1998 (registration no. 1970) and 10 years since its registration in England with the Charity Commission (registration no. 1125976). The Charity relies on volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and effort, with no reward, in order to help families facing severe financial and medical hardship. The Charity works in close co-operation with welfare services and acts without delay.

'Alkionides’ are the Halcyon days, the calm bright days in the midst of winter that, according to Greek myth, the Gods gave to the kingfishers to enable them to hatch their eggs on the rocks. Similarly, we aim to brighten the days of these families. Alkionides UK supports low-income families from Cyprus undergoing medical treatment in UK hospitals. It provides free accommodation in north London, the Alkionides 'Nest'. We also have a dynamic team in Birmingham and the Midlands who similarly support patients sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We raise funds with the help of generous sponsors and by organising cultural events and social functions. The charity prides itself in that all money raised is used to help the patients and their families as administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum.
To learn more about how you can help, please visit our ‘Get Involved’ page or contact us on the number and email provided above.
Donations, even the smallest amount, make a difference and are always welcome!

To learn more about the work of Alkionides Charity in Cyprus please visit the website
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